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Example Applications

  • Mechanical Designers & contract administrators regularly endorse our delivery by consistently putting our name forward on varying schemes in education, commercial and religious sectors. M&E+ are awarded works either via competitive tendering or direct client engagement, from this point, and following detailed designs, M&E+ manage project delivery of a quality and efficient LTHW heating plant and distribution scheme is installed.
  • A pharmaceutical company appointed M&E+ to survey, design and deliver 3 production boiler rooms ensuring production was not disrupted. To achieve this, we developed a strategy to stage the installation so as to keep LTHW up to operating temperature during the process which in turn meant that manufacturing was not interrupted.
  • A Convention Centre appointed M&E+ to survey, design and deliver a DHW system ensuring the venue was still operational. We achieved this by removing the existing system partially out of operational hours and transferring the load on to one unit whilst we installed the new unit. Once this was commissioned, the full system capacity was then made available. Visitors were unaware of any work within the building.
  • A sheltered housing accommodation facility appointed M&E+ after a lightning strike destroyed all mechanical plant and controls. We sourced through our supply chain partners emergency delivery of 3 new 120kw boilers, heating pumps, valves and associated pipework and had the facility operational within 48 hours. A full refurbishment and upgrade of the main control panel and BMS system was also achieved within this timeframe minimising disruption to the tenants.
  • A theatre approached M&E+ after several modular Gas burners within their HVAC plant had failed. This had been an ongoing issue that had been unresolved by other contractors. We engaged with the burner manufacturer to find the overriding solution to the issues they were having examined every detail including the controls’ philosophy. New burners were sourced and installed modifying the controls strategy in the process. All issues have now been fully resolved.
  • An industrial manufacturing facility approached M&E+ on a recommendation from another client. They had an aged steam powered heating system with limited ventilation. We worked with several manufacturers before deciding on the correct solution for their application. M&E+ installed a new gas distribution system and heated ventilation system creating a positive pressure environment to the facility. On completion a fresh, clean atmosphere was noticeable throughout the facility by their operatives.

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