How Our Operation Works

At Service+ we offer Annual Service Plans designed and tailored to meet specific client and facility requirements. These plans cover all PPM, legal and mandatory compliance checks to the installed HVAC plant and equipment to ensure continuous efficient operation and minimise disruption. Certification and backup records are also provided.

Through our dedicated team of engineers, we deliver a 24/7 service and reactive solution. We provide an exceptional standard of skilled work that includes the following.

  • Commercial and domestic gas
  • Building Services
  • HVAC systems
  • Building controls
  • Electrical appliances and installations
  • Water treatment including legionella risk assessments
  • Planned Maintenance

Our Approach

We build trust by consistently exceeding client’s expectations and doing what we promise.

Underpinning Our Quality

We stand by our quality service delivery this leads to long-term engagement with our clients.

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