About us

Our Background

Since 1985, TBR has been developing services, building partnerships, and establishing a reputation for providing a quality Call+ service that enables our clients to concentrate on their core business.


To provide product and service excellence for our clients when needed. Working together to create and sustain the highest levels of trusts that form the foundations for long-term partnerships.

What We Do

At Call+ we typically respond to inbound communications in the form of telephone calls, emails, SMS messages, BMS alarms and automated alarm signals from critical plant.

Following the call, message, or alert, we record the event activities and follow agreed procedures and mobilise an Engineer or tradesman to respond, we then report the details of the event to the client.

Specific Needs

We are always ready to listen, clients often approach us about how we can help support their ideas for developing their service and capability. There is nothing more we like better than to work in partnership to find the best solutions for these opportunities

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How Our Operation Works

We have a Service Centre that is manned 24rs a day 365 days a year and we provide dedicated telephone numbers or specific electronic addresses so that inbound communications can be targeted directly to the correct Service Agent/Team.

Following an inbound communication for service, we follow our client agreed response. The procedure is likely to detail priorities and when to contact Engineers, client Subcontractors or responsible nominees against duty rotas. These rotas can be detailed to cover multiple trades and cross regions.

All events generate an individual report which contains date and time stamped activities (inbound and outbound communications) which provide full and complete detail in the body of the report to give our clients a full summary at handover.

On receipt of an automated Plant Alarm, we are often able to mobilise an Engineer before the client becomes aware there is a problem.

In some cases, our trained Service Agents can log in to building control systems and alter parameters as necessary to offer a complete service to our clients. Event reports are circulated to an email or group email address as agreed.

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